First and foremost, we would like to thank all of our presenters, and delegates for contributing to the symposium with their inspiring ideas and dialogically sharing them.

We would like to thank Professor Heidi Safia Mirza and Professor Joyce Canaan for their engaging keynote lectures as well as their participation in the warm-up workshop and roundtable discussions.

We also thank our Roundtable participants Michelle Keown, Aretha Phiri, Mike Shaw, Janine Bradbury and our keynote speaker Heidi Safia Mirza for their reflections and discussions.

Many thanks to Gordon Asher, Leigh French and our keynote speaker Joyce Canaan for leading an engaging  warm-up workshop.

Our special gratitude goes to our helpful and supportive volunteers Kamillea Aghtan, Kristie Yates, Justine Séran, Simon Trub, Tzu-Yu Lin, Shuangyi Li, Lucy Linforth and Katherine Dunn who helped us with various aspects of the symposium: we immensely appreciate your enthusiasm and assistance!

We would also like to thank our wonderful chairs Justine Séran, Muireann Crowley, Aretha Phiri and Suzanne Trill for facilitating the panel discussions.

We thank our fabulous feminists, friends, partners, supervisors and colleagues for their continuous encouragement, patience and support.

Finally, we would like to thank the University of Edinburgh’s English Literature Department, the LLC Student-Led Initiative Fund and the Researcher-Led Initiative fund, Institute for Academic Development.


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