Lena Wånggren

Lena Wånggren is a Research Fellow in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh, where she also teaches. While her main research concerns questions of gender in late nineteenth-century literature and culture, she also works on critical and feminist theory, intersectionality, critical pedagogies and politics, contemporary feminist practice, and the history of medicine. She has published on gender and transgression, feminist teaching pedagogy, and late nineteenth-century feminist fiction.

Lena holds a BA (Hons) in Literary Studies from Stockholm University (Sweden), and an MSc and PhD in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh. Lena coordinates a university-wide interdisciplinary feminism and gender reading group, and is also an education coordinator for the activist network Hollaback! Edinburgh for which she organises community-based workshops and seminars. She is particularly interested in feminist and antiracist pedagogies, teaching and activism, and critical pedagogies in the marketised university.

Maja Milatovic

Maja Milatovic is a final year PhD Candidate and Teaching Assistant at the Department of English Literature, University of Edinburgh. Maja’s doctoral thesis focuses on  the ancestor figure in African American women writers’ neo-slave narratives and the post-Civil Rights discourses surrounding the legacy of slavery and figurations of culturally-specific African American traditions. Her wider research interests include critical race and whiteness studies, Indigenous narratives, postcolonial, feminist and trauma theory and pedagogy.

Maja holds a Diploma (Qualified Teacher) in English and French Language and Literature from the University of Zadar (Croatia) and an MA in Postmodern Fictions from Aberystwyth University (Wales). Maja has also worked with Hollaback! Edinburgh in organising community-based educational events and workshops. She is particularly interested in teaching postcolonial literatures; decolonising methodologies and formulating feminist antiracist pedagogies.


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